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picture by Olga Mikh Fedorova

In 2019, my interest in early ska, boss reggae, rocksteady and dancehall has led me to initiate MT Gemini, a project in which I started exploring the many unexpected polarities taking place between Jamaican music and quite rudimentary electroacoustic manipulations.

I quickly came up with a debut LP which was released on Belgian label Sub Rosa, it ended up in the "10 records of the year" list of the Wire Magazine's Dub section.

In another review, Brainwashed (UK) wrote: "Every single one of the pieces is a striking example of transformational wizardly, going beyond mere deconstruction to create something deeply lysergic that is light years away from the raw material that it was birthed from. Moreover, Franck is consistently inventive in his alchemy, studiously avoiding the temptation to repeat the same tricks or head in a direction that has already been explored: each piece is treated like a completely unique foundation for a new vision to organically grow from.”

As I see it, MT Gemini is not dub music per se but rather an incantatory deconstruction of Jamaican tunes that I love, a home laboratory grown mixture of aural mutations infused with strangeness, joy and nostalgia. But above all, a meditation on alterity and the conciliation of opposites.